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Where's My Water Apk

Wheres My Water, the best paid stylized puzzle game can be downloaded for free here. It offers challenging and entertaining gameplay and fun storyline
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where's my water apk

Where's My Water Apk is a mobile puzzle game with challenging and addictive gameplay, cute characters and a fun story. Developed by Disney Mobile, the game was first released in 2011 and quickly became one of the most popular mobile games of all time.

Where's My Water Apk is a mobile puzzle game that has won the hearts of gamers around the world with its challenging gameplay and cute characters. The game developed by Disney Mobile was first released in 2011 and has since become one of the most popular mobile games.

The game revolves around Swampy, an alligator character who loves to keep clean and needs a bath every day to stay clean. But the pipes in the sewer system he lives in are clogged, and players must solve puzzles, dig channels, and avoid obstacles to get water into Swampy's shower.

The game has simple and straightforward mechanics, but the challenging puzzles will keep players hooked and coming back for more. Stunning graphics, cute characters and an incredible soundtrack make Where's My Water Apk the perfect game for players of all ages to enjoy anytime, anywhere.


Where`s My Water has a simple but engaging storyline that underlies the gameplay. The game follows the adventures of Swampy, a crocodile living in the sewers. Swampy is a clean alligator and needs daily bathing to keep him clean and happy. However, the drain pipe is clogged and the player must help Swampy get some water.

The story is presented in cutscenes at the beginning and end of each level to provide context and progression. The cutscenes are short, simple, and animated, making them easy to understand and follow. An easy-to-learn storyline and lovable and likable characters make the game even more fun and engaging.

Throughout the game, players will encounter other fun and unique characters such as Ellie, Cranky and Mysterious Duck. Each character has a unique backstory and personality, which adds depth to the story and makes the game world more interesting.

While the "Where's My Water Apk" story is not the main focus of the game, it does give meaning and direction to the gameplay. The game's story is simple and straightforward, making it accessible to players of all ages. The story of the game is well written and addictive which makes the game more fun and interesting.

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Where's My Water Apk offers unique gameplay that combines strategy with puzzle solving. The game takes place in a network of sewers where players role-play to help Swampy, an alligator in desperate need of a bath. The main objective of the game is to direct water into Swampy's shower by digging channels in the soil and avoiding obstacles such as slime and toxic algae. 

The game starts with simple levels that introduce the player to the game mechanics and become increasingly difficult as the player progresses through the game. Each level is a puzzle that players must solve using strategy and problem-solving skills. The game has various obstacles for players to overcome. Dirt blocks, polluted water, and other obstacles that  make it difficult for water to enter the shower.

Players control the flow of water by drawing lines on the floor to create channels for the water to flow through. The water will follow the path created by the player and the player must use his skills and strategy to get the water to its destination. Water only flows in certain places, so you need to pay attention to the water level and pressure. This is a game that requires players to think ahead, plan their moves, and react quickly to unexpected obstacles.

Along with the basic gameplay, Where's My Water Apk has various rewards that you can unlock by beating levels and getting high scores. These power-ups can help players overcome obstacles and make the game easier. Unlock and use characters such as Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck with unique abilities.

The game also contains physics-based gameplay which adds an extra level of difficulty. Physics-based puzzles are more complex and require players to think about how  water flows and reacts in different situations. For example, players must consider the water's weight, direction, and pressure in order to successfully direct it into Swampy's shower.

Where's My Water Apk also has a built-in hint system to help players who get stuck in a level. The hint system is an in-game help feature that you can use to get new ideas on how to solve puzzles.


Where's My Water Apk is a mobile puzzle game with tons of features and one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Here are some of the features that make this game fun and addictive.

1. Challenging Gameplay: The game offers the player lots of puzzles that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Players must use problem-solving skills and strategies to get water into Swampy's shower and overcome obstacles such as dirt blocks and slime poisons.

2. Charming characters: One of the most endearing things about Where's My Water Apk is the lovable characters, especially Swampy the crocodile who needs a bath. The game also includes additional characters such as Ellie, Cranky, and Mysterious Duck, each with a unique ability that can be used to water Swampy's shower.

3. Bonus: As gamers progress through the game, they can release powers that help overcome boundaries and make the game easier. These power connections consist of things like drill bits and suction cups that can remove dirt blocks and other boundaries.

4. Complete Physics-Based Gameplay: The game has full physics-based gameplay that provides an extra level of missions in the game. Fully physics-based puzzles force players to think about how water moves with the flow and reacts to unique situations, including difficulty levels of gameplay.

5. Hint Gadget: There is a tracking device built into the game that provides hints and tips on how to solve puzzles for players having difficulty completing stages. This feature is designed to give gamers more options to enjoy the game and pass dangerous levels.

6. Attractive visuals: "Where is my water" has colorful and attractive visuals that make the game fun. The pictures in the game are great, thought out to the smallest detail, and the characters are full of personality.

7. Original Soundtrack: The game has its own unique soundtrack that provides the overall gaming experience. The soundtrack blends perfectly with the game's visuals to create an immersive and delicious atmosphere.

8. Replay value: Each stage is designed to be challenging enough that players will have to replay it again to get the highest rank or reach the top 3 stars. The game's replayability and cost to play are so high that gamers have to come back again and again.


One of the great features of Where's My Water Apk is the graphics. The game has colorful and special visuals that make the game fun. The characters in the game, especially Swampy, are lovable and full of personality, making the game more attractive and interesting.

The game takes place in an underground sewer network that gives the gameplay a completely unique look. The stage structures have been carefully designed and each has its own look and feel consistent with the environment.

Aside from the graphics, the game's water physics are outstanding. The water in the game is realistically animated making the gameplay more realistic. Water flows, splashes and fills channels in herbal and tasty ways.

In general, "Where is my water?" Graphics plays an important role in it's performance. The entertainment visuals are attractive, special and beautifully designed to make the game more exciting and fun. It's the right amount of stability between the laughs and the missions that brings laughter to gamers of all ages.

A game that will keep you in love for hours due to its well-designed visuals. The game's graphics is one of the reasons it's considered one of the most famous mobile games of all time.


Where's My Water Apk is a widely acclaimed puzzle game that has received rave reviews from game lovers and critics alike.

Gamers praised the game for its challenging gameplay, lovable characters, and delicious visuals. Many players also say that the game's puzzles are well thought out and get increasingly difficult as the game progresses, keeping the gameplay neat and challenging. Game details and physics-based gameplay have also been carefully diagnosed. Reviewers also have good reviews of the game, with many praising the game for its challenging puzzles, beautifully designed levels, and enjoyable visuals.

Some commented that the game's replayability, power-ups, and additional characters add laughter and mission to the game. Many also praised the game's soundtrack and typical immersive environment, which made the game ridiculous. Overall, Where's My Water Apk received generally high-quality reviews from gamers and critics alike.

The game's complex gameplay, lovable characters, and delightful visuals were widely recognized as the game's main strengths, with great rewards for replayability and fully physics-based gameplay. games. Also nicely added game tracker and game soundtrack. The game is widely regarded as a classic mobile game and remains one of the most popular mobile puzzle games of all time.

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