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Castle of Illusion Apk

Castle of Illusion, one of the best side-scrolling platformer game can be downloaded for free on Just download the apk and enjoy it!
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castle of illusion apk

Castle of Illusion Apk is a side-scrolling platformer game that was released on the Sega Genesis in 1990. The game was developed and published by Sega. The game stars Mickey Mouse as he tries to save Minnie Mouse from the evil witch, Merlock. The game was re-released on the Wii in 2013.

The game is set in the Castle of Illusion Apk, which is Merlock's stronghold. Mickey must navigate through the castle, defeating enemies and solving puzzles, to reach Minnie.

The game is pided into seven stages, each with its own boss. Mickey must collect gems to progress through the stages. The game is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player controls mickey mouse as he tries to save minnie mouse from the evil witch, Mizrabel.

The game was well appreciated by various critics and even the public. It has been re-released multiple times, including on the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

The final stage is a battle against Merlock. Mickey uses magic brooms to defeat him. Castle of Illusion Apk is a fun and challenging platformer game that is well worth checking out.


If you're looking for a platformer with a more light-hearted story, then the Castle of Illusion Apk might be a game for you. This game follows Mickey Mouse on a quest to rescue Minnie Mouse from the evil witch, Mizrabel. 

The Castle of Illusion Apk is a 2D platformer with colorful graphics and environments. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, with Mickey having to jump and dodge his way through various obstacles and enemies. 

One of the things that make this game unique is its focus on story. Unlike other platformers where the focus is mainly on gameplay, the Castle of Illusion Apk puts an emphasis on Mickey's journey and his relationship with Minnie. This makes for a more engaging and enjoyable experience. 

Overall, the Castle of Illusion Apk is a great game for those looking for a fun platformer with a heartwarming story. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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Delving into the Castle of Illusion Apk is like stepping into another world – one filled with topsy-turvy rooms, treacherous traps and a menagerie of zany creatures. But don't be fooled by its colourful facade – this is one tough game.

With over 20 stages to explore, there's plenty of challenge to be had. Each stage is filled with inventive puzzles and enemies to overcome, and you'll need to use all of your platforming skills to make it to the end.

The good news is that you're not alone on your quest – your trusty sidekick, Mickey Mouse, is there to lend a hand. He can transform into various forms to help you overcome obstacles, and he's always ready to offer a helpful hint if you get stuck.

If you're looking for a fun and challenging platforming adventure, you can't go wrong with the Castle of Illusion Apk.


The graphics in Castle of Illusion Apk are simply stunning. Every element in the game is gorgeously rendered, from the castle itself to the enemies you face. The level of detail is impressive, and the colors are rich and vibrant. It's clear that a lot of care and attention went into making this game look as beautiful as it does. Even the smallest details, like the way the light reflects off of the castle walls, are expertly done. It's no wonder that this game has been so well received by critics and gamers alike.

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The game has been highly praised for its graphics, gameplay, and story. Many people consider it to be one of the best games of all time. The game is also notable for its use of Disney characters and themes.

If you haven't played the Castle of Illusion Apk, I highly recommend it. It's a classic game that everyone should experience.

The Castle of Illusion Apk is located in the heart of the Enchanted Forest, and it's said to be guarded by a powerful wizard. From the outside, the castle looks like a normal, run-of-the-mill castle. But once you step inside, you'll see that the castle is anything but ordinary.

The walls of the castle are lined with mirrors, and as you walk through the halls, you'll see your reflection in each and every one. It's as if you're walking through an infinite number of mirrors. But that's not all...the mirrors also reflect the illusions that the wizard has created.

As you explore the castle, you'll see all sorts of illusions. There are illusions of dragons, of monsters, of people. And each one is more convincing than the last. But don't be fooled, as these illusions are just that...illusions. They're not real, and they can't hurt you.

The Castle of Illusion Apk is a truly magical place, and it's sure to amaze you with its illusions. Just be careful not to get too lost in them.


Fantastic game for children and adults alike. I at first performed it on an Amazon tablet, however leaping exactly became a bit tricky. Paid for it to play on my phone, controls had been great. For the ones human beings complaining approximately the controls, you could simply pick among 3 specific settings. Challenging at Mizrabel's tower and defeating her, really well worth the effort. And nonetheless a laugh to replay character stages. Absolutely get it.

I critically love the game. I performed it years in the past and I got here lower back to it now. I just like the levels, bosses, and the graphics. I love the tale too. Personally, I see not anything incorrect with the game besides it may be irritating at times. I like how every degree apparently receives harder. Up to Mizerbel. I do not plan on uninstalling it whenever soon. But, I type of suppose it have to be unfastened for absolutely each person to play. That's be quite cool.
I want all premium games had been this good! It's the first-class and maximum excellent cell recreation I've ever seen. The pics and sound layout are stunning and the voices are definitely nicely done. It's a lot amusing to play, really extra difficult closer to the quit however amusing throughout. The nostalgia element is really there, too. I assume they nailed it!

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